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Before much is explored about central air conditioners it is important that we understand what is a central air conditioner and how does it function. First of all it must be understood that it is a method of structural cooling with the help of central units. It is the centralized unit that cools and dehumidifies the air throughout the building. The central air conditioner units are different from the single isolated units which cool a particular part of the building or a single room. As the refrigeration process of the central cooling units emits higher sounds and a lot of heat, the outside units are generally located in an isolated part of the building. Such units are generally used in large buildings or in regions which are extremely hot. It must be kept in mind that central air conditioners work better when there is adequate insulation in the rooms.

Now if we try to ponder about the costs of installing a central air conditioner, one must be aware of certain things. For example, adding central air conditioners to an existing forced air heating system for approximately a 2000 square foot house can be something around $3,500-$4,000 and the task can be completed by two technicians within two to three days. This cost and time stands true with existing ducts. However, if new ducts are to be added both the time and expense almost doubles. The other factors on which the cost depends upon include the size of the house that is the square feet, the quality of the materials used, and the space availability for installing ducts and vents and certainly the local economy play an important role.

Here it must be noted that only those central air conditioners prove to be more efficient, which are of the right size. This is because if one installs too big a system, it not only shells out more money than needed, but also do not the job as the one of the right size would have done instead the unit will cycle off and on more frequently making the temperature uncomfortable. On the other hand, air conditioners which are too small for the required space will not be able to cool adequately and it could also break down more often thus leading to uncomfortable situations.

When an HVAC contractor has to install a central air conditioner the first thing that they do is load calculation. The process of load calculation includes considering the shape and size of the house, the insulation available in the house, the climate that persists around, the exposure of the house towards sunlight, the temperature choice of the inhabitants and so on. All these factors help an HVAC contractor determine the size of the central air conditioner that is needed by a house.

Two of the major manufacturers of central air conditioner are Carrier and Trane. Both these brands are known to manufacture highly efficient products which are reasonably priced as well. However, it is recommended before you buy central air conditioner units, try to get several quotes, browse through reviews, talk to people and then finally decide on your product.

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