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Blog Title: repair circuit boards
Why is to better to repair circuit boards instead of replacing them?
Category: Central Ac & Heating Post By: THOMAS J (Durham, NC), 06/08/2016

"It is better to repair circuit boards instead of replacing it due to the following reasons. The repair can be completed at a lower cost than the replacement of the same. This is because buying a new circuit board will obviously be costlier than repairing the existing one. Sometimes the warranty of the new circuit board is not as much as expected. In fact, sometimes it is shorter than the warranty given on a repaired circuit board, hence, it is always better to spend on the repair than on the replacement. It is possible that the motor of the air conditioner has broken down, in that case even the new circuit board which will be installed will be damaged. On the other hand, if the circuit board is repaired it is easier to detect the problem. In case of incorrect diagnosis, contractors emphasis on the replacement of circuit boards even if the new circuit board has broken down just after installation. This is done in order to cover up for the cost of the new board. Sometimes HVAC contractors try to replace an existing circuit board with an obsolete model. As a result of which there may be short circuits damaging the entire unit. On the other hand, if the circuit board would have been repaired, such a thing would not have occurred. "

- BENJAMIN L (Garland, TX), 06/09/2016
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