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Air Conditioners are no longer a luxury item rather a necessity and it is all due to an increase in the global warming. But before you are buying an air conditioner it is important to find out the brand or a particular air conditioning company from which you want to buy your machine. There are several companies in the market that deal with air conditioners and all of them claim to give you nothing but the best. However, it is advised before you end up selecting an air conditioner for your home or office you need to have certain things clear in your mind. For example, the size and certainly the budget. At the same time, along with the initial price of the machine you must also find out whether it has a high maintenance cost. This is because many companies offer a lower price initially, but they have a high maintenance cost in the later stages. It is always good to avoid such companies.

Your choice of an air conditioner company can become easy if you browse through online reviews and talk to people who are using different brands. This way you will get a fair idea about the product which is best suited for you. Some of the well-known companies dealing with all kinds of air conditioners are the following:

Hitachi: It is a Japanese company and they have been acclaimed as the most efficient air conditioner manufacturer in the market. The best features of Hitachi are that they have a lower power consumption and emits very less greenhouse gas.

LG: It is a company based out of South Korea. The air conditioners manufactured by LG always have the latest innovations in terms of technology and efficiency. The products manufactured by LG are highly energy efficient.

Similarly, some of the other brands include Daikin, Carrier, Samsung and others. All the ACs manufactured by these brands are more or less similar in terms of price and cooling impact. The factors that differentiates them is their energy efficiency and power consumption.
However, if you want to choose an air conditioning company there are certain features which need to be taken care of. They are:

• You should be aware of companies which quote too low a cost. This is because the initial low price might mean an exorbitant maintenance cost.

• In case you are using the yellow pages, you should do it very judiciously. The companies which have oversized ads generally pay hefty amount for it and this cost is passed on to the customers through the selling price of the product.

• You must always be aware of companies which do not have a track record. This is because a company that has sprung up suddenly might close down any time and customers promised of the warranty during the purchases loses out on it.

• Last but not the least, you should always be aware of offers which are too good to be true. In fact, carry out a thorough market research before you finalize on an air conditioner company.

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