Things To Expect From An Hvac Contractor

Do you have an air conditioner or heating system at home? In case, you have one, you must have spent quite a considerable amount on it. And hence, it is obvious that you would like to take good care of the unit. One of the ways to take good care of your system is to schedule a routine maintenance for your HVAC system by experienced HVAC contractors. Another reason as in why you will need HVAC contractors to visit your home is when your air conditioner or your heating system starts malfunctioning. However, irrespective of the reason for calling an HVAC contractor it is recommended that you get in touch with a trusted agency so that you can get the best of services in terms of installation, maintenance and repair.

However, there are certain things that you can or should expect when an HVAC contractor visits your home. In fact, it is a good idea to have knowledge of the things that you can expect when you call an HVAC contractor. This is because if you are aware of the things an HVAC contractor is supposed to do you can challenge them if you think that they are not doing their job as per the expected norms.

First of all an HVAC contractor should start with systems check. This will involve checking all the system functions and safety controls to ensure that the system is functioning well. In case it is required they will have to make the necessary adjustments so that the system does not face any operational problem.

The system check of an air conditioner takes place step by step. First the contractor has a look at the outdoor unit that is the condenser and does all that is necessary to ensure that the condenser does not have any problem. Along with the mechanical components, the electrical components are checked as well as part of the safety measure.

The next step is checking the indoor unit or the evaporator coil. Along with thoroughly cleaning the coil, it is checked for any sort of biological growth like mold because mold has an adverse impact on human health. As part of routine maintenance it is mandatory that the air filters of the air conditioners are replaced because dirty filters have the potential to reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner.

Lubricating all moving parts of an air conditioner is part of the routine check so that excessive friction between the parts can be reduced. Another important thing that you must check is whether the HVAC contractor is checking the refrigerant levels because low levels of refrigerant are not at all conducive for the air conditioner.

Inspecting the ducts is also a part of routine maintenance activity. An HVAC contractor must use a remote video to find out whether the ducts are clean or if there are any leaks. In case leaks are found it needs to be sealed and also the ducts need to be cleaned thoroughly.

Nevertheless, all these services you can expect only when you call in an HVAC contractor from a trusted agency.




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