Air Duct Cleaning Cost

Before we plunge into the cleaning aspects of air duct cleaning cost, we need to have a clear idea as to what are air ducts. Basically, air ducts are related to the heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems of a home. It is through these ducts that hot and cool air travel throughout the house. To keep your systems functioning properly, it is important that the air ducts are cleaned at regular intervals. The process of air duct cleaning involves removing of dust and other kinds of pollutants from the ductwork. To put it simply, air ducts are like the circulatory system of the house and so it is imminent to keep it clean.

Just because air ducts are located out of sight behind the walls of the house or above the ceilings, many a times the cleaning of these ducts goes neglected. In case, this is the situation, it can cause an improper air flow within the rooms. Hence, it is mandatory to get your air ducts cleaned at regular intervals. When you are planning to clean your air ducts it should be kept in mind that specialists are called for the purpose. In case, amateur technicians start cleaning the air ducts of your home, it may end up doing more harm than good.

Generally, it is seen that the cost of air duct cleaning is something between $300 and $500 but in many cases it is seen that companies offer quotes which are as low as $99. It has been said that when a company offers a quote at $99 it is time to worry because a thorough cleaning of the air ducts is not possible within $99. So, in most of the cases such companies quoting low prices lure the customers and get started with the cleaning activity. While they are in the process they try and find out different kinds of faults in the system, forcing the customer pay prices as high as $800 and sometimes even thousands. Hence, it is always a better idea to avoid companies that offer too low a price.

As has already been mentioned above that the average cleaning cost of air ducts is between $300 and $500 but this price may vary taking into consideration a lot of factors like the size of the home, the number of ducts present in the home and certainly the configuration of the ducts. If you get in touch with a reputed contractor, they will be able to tell you the exact cost after surveying the air ducts in your home. However, it needs to be mentioned here that in some cases it may be possible to clean the ducts with a vacuum cleaner at home all by yourself, but in case your ducts have a long trail of junk and thickened coats of dust it is imminent that you seek professional help for the cleaning of the air ducts.

Last but not the least, impure air circulating in your house due to dirty air ducts can cause severe health hazards so you need to take action soon.

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