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Blog Title: components of a ductless air conditioner
What are the main components of a ductless air conditioner?
Category: Home Air Conditioner Post By: JAMES T (Chicago, IL), 05/17/2016

Compared to a lot of other units, ductless air conditioners are quite simple in structure. It has an outdoor unit, indoor unit, refrigerant line-sets, power and control wires that connects them. The outdoor unit comprises the condensing coil, compressor, the expansion valve and a fan that helps in getting the airflow through the condenser coil. On the other hand, the indoor unit has the evaporator coil and a fan for the airflow. The line-sets that connects the indoor and the outdoor unit are made of insulated copper tubing that transfers the refrigerant.

- RICHARD S (San Antonio, TX), 05/18/2016
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