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Blog Title: advantages of central air conditioners
What are some of the advantages of central air conditioners?
Category: Commercial Ac & Heating Post By: PAMELA T (El Paso, TX), 05/17/2016

"Some of the major advantages of central air conditioners are the following: Central air conditioners has more efficiency than the room air conditioners. This means a central A/C offers more cooling with lesser energy. Central air conditioners emits lesser noise than window air conditioner because the compressor and condenser fan is located outside the home. Central air conditioners give improved air quality as it filters the air that circulates in the room multiple times throughout the day. The evaporator coil of a central air conditioner is more efficient than other forms of air conditioners, as a result of which, the humidity extraction in case of central air conditioner is lot higher thus, making the environment within the room comfortable."

- ERNEST M (San Jose, CA), 05/18/2016
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