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What are the job responsibilities and the skills of an HVAC technician?
Category: Air Cooler Post By: WALTER K (Bakersfield, CA), 06/07/2016

"The job responsibilities of an HVAC technician are the following:• Traveling to worksites • Following blueprints or other design aspects to install or repair the different HVAC systems • Connecting the HVAC systems to the fuel and water supply lines, air ducts and other components • Installing electrical wiring and control and testing for specification • Testing individual components to determine the necessary repair • Replacing or repairing the defective or the malfunctioning parts While the skills required in an HVAC tecnician are: • Mechanical skills: They should be comfortable working with mechanical systems. • Customer-service skills: To have people skills is really important for an HVAC technician because they directly work with property or home owners. • Time-management skills: They should have an excellent time management skill so that they can attend to all their customers on time. • Education: Adequate level of qualification is mandatory in order to become an HVAC technician • Licenses and Certifications: As an HVAC agent it is very important to have the requisite certification and licenses to carry out the job. • A detailed oriented nature: All HVAC technicians must have a detailed oriented nature along with an excellent trouble-shooting skills. "

- RUSSEL T (Tampa, FL), 06/08/2016
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