Tips To Buy Portable Air Conditioners

There are different ways of cooling a home and keeping it comfortable. One of the ways is to use air conditioners. Among the various kinds of air conditioners available in the market, portable air conditioner is a type of air conditioner that allows homeowners to cool different rooms without the hassle of installing central air conditioners. Portable air conditioners work in the same way as does built-in air conditioners. These air conditioners suck out the warm and humid air from the room and fill in the room with cold air. The best thing about portable air conditioners is that they come with features like instant cooling and also there are added features in the portable air conditioners that make their operation easier.

However, there are certain factors that ought to be kept in mind before purchasing a portable air conditioner. They are the following:

The most important aspect is the size of the portable air conditioner. The power of the portable air conditioner is measured in BTU or British thermal units per hour. Models that have a higher BTU can cool larger rooms and vice versa. Thus, it is imperative that you buy a model that is apt for the space that requires cooling. Otherwise you will end up wasting energy as well as money.

Before buying a portable air conditioner it is important that you decide on the location as in where it will be installed. This is because a portable air conditioner exhaust warm air during their operation and the warm air is generally expelled through the window. Most of the portable air conditioners come with a window kit to throw the warm air outside. Hence, one should necessarily have a place near the window where a portable air conditioner can be set up.

As far as the plug types are concerned, there are two kinds. They are the voltage and the amperage. In most cases it is seen that there are circuits which require a 15 ampere plug but in case one is planning to install a bigger portable unit, it is important to upgrade the circuitry of the house. So, it is recommended to check the plug type while purchasing a portable air conditioner.

While buying a portable air conditioner, it is recommended that one buys a unit with additional features so that the portable unit is more versatile. This makes an appliance more convenient to use for the homeowners. Some of the features which are desirable in a portable air conditioner unit include self-evaporation feature, a programmable thermostat, a remote control, and a lamp off.

Just like all other appliances even portable air conditioners require some amount of maintenance. For example, there are some models in which you will have to manually drain the water that gets collected in the pan that comes with the unit while there are other units which have the self-evaporating feature and hence there is no need to drain the water manually. It is recommended, before buying a portable air conditioner one should check whether the unit has an easy maintenance or the maintenance is a difficult one.

Last but not the least; proper research needs to be done before buying a portable air conditioner so that you get all the desired features.




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