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What are the common problems noticed in an air handler?
Category: Portable Ac Post By: SHIRLEY G (Denver, CO), 06/02/2016

"The common problems noticed in air handlers are the following: Damaged coils: Air handlers circulate cool air throughout the house. So, in case coils are dirty or clogged the air handler will not be able to circulate the cool air effectively. Faulty Blower: If the blower of the air handler gets damaged it will not be able to function properly, thus keeping you away from a comfortable temperature within the house. Poor electrical connections is another factor that might cause damage to air handlers due to constant use. In case, you have a faulty electrical connection it is important that you put it right by an expert electrician. Clogged or dirty air filters cause numerous problems in the functioning of air conditioners. Thus, it is mandatory to clean your air filters at regular intervals. "

- BRENDA M (Sacramento, CA), 06/03/2016
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