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Blog Title: more efficient than central air conditioners
Are ductless air conditioners more efficient than central air conditioners?
Category: Furnace Post By: DOROTHY H (Seattle, WA), 05/17/2016

In most of the cases it is seen that ductless air conditioners are more efficient than the central air conditioners. In ductless air conditioners the dense refrigerant is pumped to the evporator which is placed close to the ceiling. And as cold air is denser than hot air it will ntaurally drop down allowing the air conditioner to use its maximum cooling capacity. On the contrary, in central air conditioners the evaporator is placed near the basement above the furnace and as a result of which the cold dense air has to be pushed to the above floors. As a result, the basement and the first floor will be extremely cold with central air conditioners whereas the top floors will have an unsatisfactory climatic conditions.

- DANIEL T (Dallas, TX), 05/18/2016
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