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Blog Title: types of attic insulation
How does insulation work and what are the different types of attic insulation?
Category: Central Ac & Heating Post By: SUSAN B (Seattle, WA), 06/06/2016

"It is the natural tendency of air to flow from a warm area to a cold air. During the winter months warm air from inside the room tries to escape outside while during the summer months, warm air from the outside tries to enter into the room, thus making the temperature within uncomfortable. Outlying rooms like the attic and basement are places from where the change of air happens most easily and from there to the rest of the house. Insulation works by limiting the movement of the air within the room. However, there are different types of insulation that you can have for your attic. They are the following: • Batts and rolls are flexible sheets that lay within the standard space in wall studs and floor joints. • Blow-in loose fill is an insulation made of loose fibers or fiber pellets that are blown in using a special equipment. • Last but not the least, foam insulation is a kind of insulation is a special foam that is sprayed into the walls by the professionals. "

- ANGELA K (Columbus, OH), 06/07/2016
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