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HotelSpa 1126 Universal High-Performance Shower Filter with Replacement Cartridge




ITEM#: 19399748

Bump up your shower experience with this high performance filter. Specially designed to help improve dry skin, flaky scalp, and limp hair, this filtration system easily attaches to your shower head and lasts 6-9 months before the cartridge needs to be replaced. The filter reduces chlorine and harmful chemicals for a more healthy environment as well as discouraging mold, fungi, and algae growth.
  • Can be used with any shower head
  • Replaceable 2 stage KDF/CAG cartridge included
  • Replacement cartridges can be purchased separately
  • Best performance water temperature is 36 to 113 degrees F
  • Disposable cartridge should be changed every 6-9 months
  • Universal high-performance shower filter
  • Reversible dual-chamber contains copper and zinc (KDF)
  • Reduces chlorine and its vapors
  • Reduces heavy metals, minerals, impurities
  • Reduces exposure to radioactive iodane
  • Eliminates radon, and hydrogen sulfide
  • Discourages the growth of mold, fungi, and algae
  • Improves water's pH balance
  • 3.5 inches x 5 inches x 3.5 inches
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