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There can be nothing more disappointing than a non-working furnace during the falls or the chilled winter. This is when you would like to call the mechanic or try out some DIY methods to fix the problem as quickly as possible. However, in order to apply the DIY methods you need to have then basic idea about the commonly occurring problems. But it ought to be kept in mind that timely maintenance is the key to success. Before the machine starts throwing tantrums you could carry out a routine check so that you do not have to shiver during the chilly nights.

Some of the common things that you could do to keep a cold day at bay are vacuuming the area around the blower at least once a year. It is also a good idea to slide out the fan unit and clean each of the blades separately with a toothbrush. Once you are done with this you could also use the vacuum cleaner for further cleaning. Generally, motors of recent times fitted in the furnace do not require lubrication, but the motors which has oil ports should be lubricated at least once a year for better functioning. Another important thing that should be noted here is that in case you observe a gas leak, you need to pay immediate attention to it or else it might cause a difficult situation to handle. Another word of caution is that if you find gas leaking you should never light a match or turn off or on a switch.

Some of the commonest problems faced by a furnace include the following:

• Dirty filters: In case a furnace has dirty filters it has a reduced air flow and it becomes difficult for the furnace to circulate.

• Improper functioning of the thermostat: When a thermostat does not function well, it could cause problems with the comfort level.

• Frequent cycling: When a thermostat cycle between “On” and “Off” more frequently, it may indicate that it has clogged filters, malfunctioning thermostat, or improper airflow.

• Too noisy a furnace: When a furnace makes an abnormal sound it indicates mechanical problem.

• The situation may be such that the thermostat is not heating enough or is not heated at all.

• Wear and tear in the machine might also cause malfunction of the furnace.

In order to take care of these problems, you can carry out some simple steps at home. They are the following:

It is advisable that the air filter is cleaned or replaced once a month. You can do it by yourself once after you have seen it from a furnace repair professional.

The thermostat in the furnace should also be checked at regular intervals. Sometimes just replacing the battery of the thermostat might solve the problem.

It is a good idea to close the windows and doors in the room so that drafts are reduced in the room.

In case, you find that the furnace has stopped working or the thermostat screen has gone blank you could check if the circuit has broken or the fuse has blown off.

Last but not the least, regular maintenance is the keyword for the proper functioning of a furnace for a long period of time.

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